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Tips to purchasing a home security system.


Shop around get prices from at least 3 companys. (large and small)


If at all possible try to buy your equipment outright. This will keep your monthly monitoring rate down. Security is something you will need for a long time and the monthly or yearly rate is what you pay over a long period.


When you get prices for parts, installation and monitoring add them all up for a 5-10 year period and see which is cheaper in the long run.


Read the details of a contract before you sign it.


Another good thing to know is how much the service rates and trip charges are for a company. You will need to get a battery changed at some point find out how much that will cost. (Have the technician show you how to change your own batteries. Its cheap and easy.)


Most companies will offer you a basic package alarm.. In most cases your home will need more than the basic. The basic package price may be cheap but it could leave your home unprotected. Get a system that is custom to your home.


Some salesmen leave out details. Make sure to read all details on your contract.


If you are told something is free you will usually end up paying for it with your monitoring. Ask your sales rep. how to get the cheapest monitoring rate.


Most systems are pretty much the same. It is how they are installed and used that makes them good.


Check to make sure your installer is certified or experienced. Many companies will hire anybody to install alarms.


Test your alarm! Make sure all of your equipment reports to the monitoring station.


Most monitoring stations are basically the same. They all must abide by a certain set of guidelines. Make sure the monitoring station is real and even better yet UL listed. It is a plus to have a local monitoring station.


Ask as many questions as possible to fully understand your system.

Good questions to ask...

  • What happens when there is a false alarm?

  • Who does the monitoring station call first?

  • What if my phone lines are cut?

  • What is an ambush or duress code?

  • What is the rj31x jack for?